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The Production Of Indoor Cycling Bikes


PETR OTOUPALÍK welcomes you on company’s website

We are the main producer of special bicycles like indoor cycling – cycle-ball, artistic cycling and polo.

We have produced bicycles since 1989. For this long time we have developed very high performance bicycle frames and specialized wheel hubs with integrated hub bearings.

Our products are pure handmade. Bicycle frames are made from steel tubes in all different sizes. You can see pictures of our products in our photo gallery.


Our bicycle frames are excellent proof and long life dimensional stability.

Our bicycles have high quality frames and special hubs witch don’t require practically any service.

For that all we are able to deliver all service parts to customers. We are delivering all parcels via postal services within one week. If you visit us personally, we react immediately. This is also valid for whole bicycles, here is the delivery term cca 3 weeks after the order.


All bicycle types are normally painted in classical colors. We can organize individually paintings on your request. We cooperate with special team of painters, who are able to realize all special paintings.

With our bicycles ride athlete stars from the entire world. You can find our bicycles not only in Europe. You can find it also in Malaysia, Japan, Macao or Hong Kong. But we can offer you easier bicycles too, that are not intend only for top athletes. We produce also bicycles for kids and starting athletes.


Our bicycles and service parts for indoor cycling you can order direct or via our sales representatives in Germany, Switzerland and Austria. See in section contact.

Thank you for taking time to read this page. We believe that you will besatisfied, if you take a decision for our products.

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